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From the exterior to the interior Its Anners is different.  It’s an art paradise.  The 5 luxury double rooms are based on the five elements and all have coffee making facilities and rusks.  The rooms are TV free with DSTV in the lounge area.

The dormitory consist of a private room with a double bed and 6 bunk beds in the open plan sleeping area.  There is a communal bathroom with a shower and toilet.  There is also an additional bathroom 10 m from the dormitory.

For the guesthouse breakfast is included.  Lunch and dinner must be booked.

A 25m lap pool borders on the 22 m veranda from where game viewing can take place.  The house is situated in a 1,5 Ha enclosure with trees, lawns and flower beds.

There are open and enclosed braai (BBQ) areas on the premises.  The enclosed braai (BBQ) area can seat 60 people.

The location in nature provide the ideal breakaway from the hassle and bustle of city life.  It also offers you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday/anniversary or have a small wedding with friends and family.



The Earth Room has a close to 300 year old 4 poster bed made from stink wood and yellow wood.  The room is inspired by Africa and the decor and artworks contribute to the theme. For us Africa symbolize earth.  The en-suite bathroom has a bath, shower and toilet.

Sleeps 3



The Air Room has a French feel to it.  It is romantic and light.  It also has an undertone of Africa, especially the designs in the bathroom.  The art works are watercolour flower paintings and pastel drawings by Maxi.  The en-suite bath room has a bath, shower and toilet.  The room has no TV as Its Anners wants you to relax and forget the hassle and bustle of daily life.

Sleeps 2

Fire room.jpg


The “Fire” room has an African feel to it.  The artworks convey the message.  The decor and colour scheme convey the feeling of warmth.  The Boilermakers Lodge head piece is from the Rand Mine in Johannesburg and fits perfectly with the theme “fire”.  The en-suite bathroom has a bath, shower and toilet.

Sleeps 2

Sea room


The theme of the water room is the sea. The walls of the bathroom is covered by mosaic that took years to complete. The mosaic tiles were made from recycled window glass. The room have a queen size bed with a three quarter bed serving as a couch.

Sleeps 3



This is the largest room in the house, with a 4 poster bed, desk and a lounge.  The room is in the front part of the house and is decorated with paintings and other artwork giving it a Bohemian feeling.  Some people refer to the decor as “Boere Barok”.

Sleeps 2

swimming pool with dogs.jpg

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