Its Anners is different.  If pronounced, it is Afrikaans, though the spelling is different and it means: Something different.  We were looking for a name that would explain what we were about and after lots of thinking we decided that Its Anners says it all.  Because everything we do and who we are, is different.

The Guesthouse and Backpackers Lodge are situated 35 km northeast of Pretoria on the KwaMhlanga/Moloto road.  Its Anners forms part of the Leeuwgedacht Conservancy that borders Welgedacht Private Game Farm (Dinokeng), where the lions of Kevin Richardson (the “lion whisperer”) are sheltered.  Big and small game graze freely and can be viewed from the veranda.

From the exterior to the interior Its Anners is different. It’s an art paradise.

ITS ANNERS is a brand name and under it is a lot, what we offer and do:

  • BACKPACKERS LODGE and GUEST HOUSE, situated close to Pretoria in South Africa
  • Here at the Lodge we host different CELEBRATIONS, from birthday parties to small weddings
  • Then, there is Maxi’s ART GLASS, glassblowing, glass beads, just about anything made from glass
  • Maxi also gives workshops:  glass, art, yoga etc.

Enjoy Its Anners!